The Headless [CMS] Metaphor

This blog post provides my perspective on the headless CMS (Content Management System) metaphor, although some of this content may apply to any headless system. Different CMS vendors use different terminology and definitions. This is my general summary assuming a website as the default delivery channel. Body: The CMS back-end, where content management users maintainContinue reading “The Headless [CMS] Metaphor”

Resources about Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

This blog post contains a list of links to resources about Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). WSL allows running Linux, specifically Bash interactive shells and shell scripts, under Windows. Whenever possible, I use Bash shells and keyboard shortcuts in favor of the Windows user interface. Because they are not specific to headless content management orContinue reading “Resources about Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)”

[Hard] Questions for [Headless] [CMS] Vendors

I intend to use this blog post to catalog questions for headless CMS (Content Management System) vendors that I do not consider to be excessively specific to an individual project. Many of these questions may apply to related implementation scenarios. These issues are in no intended order, are not intended to benefit any specific vendor,Continue reading “[Hard] Questions for [Headless] [CMS] Vendors”

Example .NET Core Controller Action for [Headless CMS] Repository

What follows is a draft of a simple controller action that could support any headless CMS using the repository pattern described in this blog. Most of my ASP.NET project is just template from Visual Studio. Update: This is NOT about generic classes; I should not have used the word generic in the original title ofContinue reading “Example .NET Core Controller Action for [Headless CMS] Repository”


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