TypeScript with the Contentstack JavaScript SDK: The signature Stack of Contentstack.Stack is deprecated

This blog post provides a solution for the following deprecation warning message that may appear when using the Contentstack JavaScript content delivery SDK with TypeScript:

The signature '(api_key: string, access_token: string, environment_name: string, region?: string, fetchOptions?: object): Stack' of 'Contentstack.Stack' is deprecated. ts(6387)
Screen shot of warning

Here is an example line of TypeScript that generates this warning:

const stack = Contentstack.Stack('<api_key>', '<access_token>, '<environment>');

The solution is to pass a configuration object, which you can easily create implicitly. Note the addition of curly braces and property names:

const stack = Contentstack.Stack({ "api_key": "<api_key>", "access_token": '<access_token>, "environment": '<environment>'});
Screen shot of function call after correction

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