Use Your Own Domain for a Vercel Site

This blog post explains how to use your own domain for a site managed by Vercel.

For each project, such as a website, Vercel creates subdomains within its own domains. For a project named vercel under the deliverystack Vercel account, Vercel created the following subdomains:

The pattern appears to be where source is the source of the deployment, which is probably git for github and something else for gitlab or bitbucket.

To use your own domain for a Vercel site:

  • Set the A record for the domain to the Vercel Anycast address:
A record for site hosted on Vercel

This did not apply to me, but according to

  • If you already have a CAA record in your root domain, it is also necessary to include a CAA record with the value “0 issue”.

Then, in the Vercel UI, click the project, then click the Settings tab, then click Domains in the left-nav, enter the domain, and then click add (see

Vercel Add Domain

Vercel provides a handy prompt.

Vercel prompts to redirect from to

Vercel also generates some handy SSL certificates and redirects from HTTP to HTTPS.

New domain and www subdomain for site in Vercel project configuration

Vercel should inform you if DNS settings do not appear to be correct.

Vercel indicates invalid DNS configuration for domain

Now access the domain (


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