Consider Death as Your Goal in Life

The Samurai, a feudal Japanese sword-bearing warrior class with a philosophy incorporating Zen, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Shinto, were known to meditate constantly on achieving a glorious death in the service of their masters. This single component of their incredible range of disciplines maximized courage, allowing them to take appropriate risks to achieve various objectives while reducing the emotionalContinue reading “Consider Death as Your Goal in Life”

Information about Hosting Ukrainians in the United States

This blog post contains information for Ukrainians that intend to relocate to the USA and Americans interested in hosting Ukrainians. I have identified a candidate for some space available in my home, but I have not completed this process, so I apologize for anything that is misleading or incorrect. Americans can initiate sponsorship of UkrainiansContinue reading “Information about Hosting Ukrainians in the United States”

Ubuntu Linux: Start Edge Browser in Private Mode by Default

This blog post explains a hack that you can use to configure the Microsoft Edge browser on Ubuntu Linux to start in private mode by default, even when clicking links in emails. I wanted to make the icon for the browser in the dock open in private mode by default. To run the browser inContinue reading “Ubuntu Linux: Start Edge Browser in Private Mode by Default”

First Experiences with WebAssembly 

This blog post describes my first experiences with WebAssembly. I have always tried to avoid front-end development in general, and JavaScript in particular, especially for anything complex, and increasingly as the library churn has increased and relevant toolchains have demonstrated their significant risks. Recently, I investigated TypeScript, which has some advantages, but is just aContinue reading “First Experiences with WebAssembly “

Lobby USA Representatives for Expedited Ukrainian Immigration

One of the tragedies of the illegal Russian invasion and war in Ukraine is that, though the people of the USA make countless generous housing offers, Ukrainians may now find it almost impossible to be admitted to the country. As an American, if you want to provide a home for a Ukrainian family in theContinue reading “Lobby USA Representatives for Expedited Ukrainian Immigration”

Пансіон у США для української сім’ї або окремих осіб/USA Boarding for Ukrainian Family or Individuals

17.July.2022 Update: This opportunity is no longer available. Hello, my name is John West. I am incredibly saddened to think that the tragedy in Ukraine would cause anyone to leave their country. I can offer free room and board in Portland, Oregon, USA for one Ukrainian family of up to four people, or between oneContinue reading “Пансіон у США для української сім’ї або окремих осіб/USA Boarding for Ukrainian Family or Individuals”

Linux: Use Ctrl+Esc for Activities Overview

This blog post, intended to assist readers transitioning from Microsoft Windows to Linux, explains how to configure at least Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS to show the Activities Overview when the user presses Ctrl+Esc, providing functionality that matches existing Windows usage patterns. In the days of Windows 95, keyboards had no “Windows” key (called the “Super” keyContinue reading “Linux: Use Ctrl+Esc for Activities Overview”

Whether to Store Content Management Data Inline or Separately

This blog post provides perspective on when to store data inline, within a single entry in the content management system, and when to store some of that data in separate entries. If you have perspectives on this topic, please comment on this blog post. The first time that I started writing this blog post, IContinue reading “Whether to Store Content Management Data Inline or Separately”

Limitation Forwarding though Godaddy Workspace Email to Google Gmail

This blog post describes a workaround for an issue that I experienced while configuring email forwarding, specifically using godaddy webmail email forwarding to gmail addresses. This issue may apply to other configurations and providers. To summarize, it appears that if you forward through godaddy Workspace Webmail to a gmail address, google does not seem toContinue reading “Limitation Forwarding though Godaddy Workspace Email to Google Gmail”

Reusing Modular Blocks with the Contentstack SaaS Content Platform

This blog post suggests patterns for reusing content from modular blocks fields of the Contentstack SaaS content platform. To address multiple possible interpretations of the phrase “reusing modular blocks” in the title: This blog post describes how to use data from modular blocks fields of separate entries when rendering or otherwise processing an entry. ThisContinue reading “Reusing Modular Blocks with the Contentstack SaaS Content Platform”