View and Configure Keyboard Shortcut in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code

Knowledge of a few keyboard shortcuts can significantly increase user and especially developer productivity. Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code have countless features and therefore a significant number of keyboard shortcuts. To get the best value from these tools, use the techniques in this post to learn or set keyboard shortcuts fore the features you use most frequently.

To display and change keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio Code 1.57.1, you can do any of the following:

  • Click the File menu, then click Preferences, and then click Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Press Alt+F, P, Down, Down, Down, and then Enter.
  • Press Ctrl+K and then Ctrl+S.

Then you can search and scroll. I suggest leaving any defaults in place and not overriding any keymapping that you might even possibly eventually use.

For similar settings in at least Visual Studio 2022 Community Preview, you can do either of the following:

  • Click the Tools menu and then Options or press Alt+T and then O to open the Options dialog.
  • Go to Environment/Keyboard.

I am not sure what command I accidentally override, but now Ctrl+Alt+Shft+S also brings up this “Settings” dialog for me.

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