CMS Glossary: Field

This blog post provides perspective on the term field as it is used in content management systems, specifically the Contentstack SaaS headless CMS. This post is a member of the following glossary:

A field is an individual data element within an entry, where an entry is a record in the CMS. Each field in its content type can appear as a key in the JSON representation of an entry. If its content type includes a single-line text field named Title, then the JSON may contain a value for the key “title”.

For example, if it contains the value “My Title” for the field named Title, an entry may appear as follows:

  title: "My Title"

Each field has a field type, which defines its data validation requirements, storage format, CMS user interface characteristics, and additional particulars.

Fields that allow CMS users to specify multiple selections can contain multiple values. In Contentstack, any field can be multiple, allowing the entry to store multiple values in a single field.

In Contentstack, group fields, global fields, and modular blocks fields provide containers for nested fields.

Fields can store complex values as JSON.

To extend the CMS user interface, integrated external systems, and support storage of any type of data, most CMS support custom field types.

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