System Values in the Contentstack SaaS Headless CMS

This blog post describes some values to note when working with the Contentstack SaaS headless content management system. If you know of additional important values for working with Contentstack and Contentstack solutions, please comment on this blog post.

  • Username: The username or email address of the CMS user.
  • Password Hint: A reminder of the password for the CMS user.
  • CMS URL: The public URL to access the Contentstack CMS UI.
  • Stack Name: The name of the stack (repository) to access (organizations can have multiple stacks).
  • API Key: Unique stack identifier.
  • Content Management Token: Only create a management token if you need to use management APIs without the ability to authenticate a content management user otherwise.
  • Content Delivery Environment Name(s): Create any required content delivery environments, such as preview, staging, and production content delivery.
  • Content Delivery Token(s): Create a token for each content delivery environment for which you need content delivery API access.
  • Content Management URL: The base URL for content management APIs.
  • Content Delivery URL: The base URL for content delivery APIs.
  • GraphQL URL: The base URL for GraphQL content delivery APIs.
  • Media URL: Unless you have a reason not to, you should generally use the base URL for assets specified by in asset metadata rather than configuring it in your solution.
  • Image URL: Unless you somehow override it, you should generally use the base URL for image assets specified in the asset metadata rather than configuring it in your solution.
  • Support Contact: You can chat with Contentstack directly through the CMS UI or contact them by email.

Update 4.Nov.2021: The URL of the JavaScript SDK.

Here is a form that could be filled out:

Most solutions involve additional values that can vary by environment, such as between development, different levels of test, and production. Integrating systems requires knowledge of URLs for configuring webhooks. Content delivery networks such as Vercel and netlify assign subdomains for each environment, and of course customers use their own domains and subdomains.

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