CMS Glossary: Entry

This blog post provides perspective on the term entry as it is used in content management systems, specifically the Contentstack SaaS headless CMS.

This post is a member of the following glossary:

An entry, sometimes called an item or an entity, is a record in the content management system that contains field values and system properties. Developers define content types as collections of fields, CMS users enter values into entries based on those structures, and the CMS represents those entries as JSON.

Fields and system values appear as keyed values in the JSON representation of an entry. The following JSON extract represents a Contentstack entry with a value of “This is the Title” for the field named title and includes several system properties.

  "title": "This is the title from Contentstack",
  "locale": "en-us",
  "uid": "blt8c3febf4493333cf",
  "created_by": "bltf659c3e814f4dce6",
  "_version": 35,
  "_workflow": {
    "uid": "bltb7970cc88b1d1e47",
    "updated_at": "2021-04-09T16:03:06.281Z",
    "updated_by": "bltf659c3e814f4dce6",
    "version": 1,
    "name": "editorial",
    "color": "#2196f3"

An entry may contain multiple language variants. In the content management system, each language variant of an entry may contain multiple versions. In the content delivery environment, each language variant of an entry may contain only a single version. Unless otherwise directed, APIs return a single version of an entry.

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