Language Fallback with Headless CMS

This blog posts presents some considerations for implementing language fallback with headless content management systems. Language fallback refers to using field values from an alternate language version of an entry when a specific language version does not contain values for those fields or using an alternate language version of an entry when there is noContinue reading “Language Fallback with Headless CMS”

CMS Content Migration Opportunities and Concerns

In preparing for a meeting to discuss architecture for migrating data from one CMS to another, I realize that I have written a few things about data migration, but that I need a short list of potential opportunities and concerns. If you have anything to add, please comment on this blog post. ROI: Customers tendContinue reading “CMS Content Migration Opportunities and Concerns”

Comparing Rust and C#

This blog post contains perspectives on similarities and differences between the rust programming language and the C# programming language for .NET. This post focusses on command line and background processes and does not consider native user interface technologies for Windows or Linux, although for now at least, C# is almost certainly more appropriate for WindowsContinue reading “Comparing Rust and C#”

Let Bloggers Know What Brings You to Their Posts!

I have been blogging for probably about a decade. I speculate that most bloggers spend a significant amount of effort writing relative to the amount of feedback that they receive. I could try to blame copying, caching, reductions in client-side tracking, but in addition to not getting many comments, my blogs do not even recordContinue reading “Let Bloggers Know What Brings You to Their Posts!”

View and Configure Keyboard Shortcut in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code

Knowledge of a few keyboard shortcuts can significantly increase user and especially developer productivity. Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code have countless features and therefore a significant number of keyboard shortcuts. To get the best value from these tools, use the techniques in this post to learn or set keyboard shortcuts fore the featuresContinue reading “View and Configure Keyboard Shortcut in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code”

Quick Tips for Blogging with WordPress

I honestly think that everyone should have at least one blog. Just start writing about what you know. Get into the habit of writing about everything that you do, even if you never post any of it. This blog post provides my suggestions for blogging on WordPress. Though I am often frustrated with its editorContinue reading “Quick Tips for Blogging with WordPress”

Working with Single and Multiple Reference Fields in the Contentstack SaaS Headless CMS

This blog post explains how the Contentstack SaaS headless CMS stores the values of reference fields as lists even when there is only a single referenced entry. In Contentstack, each simple field type can store either a single value, or multiple values. For example, to associate a single date with a event, a developer couldContinue reading “Working with Single and Multiple Reference Fields in the Contentstack SaaS Headless CMS”

Contentstack SaaS Headless CMS Content Delivery Differentiating Factors

This blog post describes factors that I believe differentiate Contentstack from competing SaaS headless CMS products considering only features that affect content delivery. I tried to focus on features that are not present in almost every SaaS headless CMS. Contentstack is not the only vendor that provides each of the features listed here, although IContinue reading “Contentstack SaaS Headless CMS Content Delivery Differentiating Factors”

SaaS Headless CMS Vendor and Customer Responsibilities

This blog post contains some notes on SaaS headless content management system vendor and customer responsibilities. If you have additional perspectives on this topic, please comment on this blog post. Update 24..June.2021: This diagram does not reflect that Customer Applications can deliver data to the Content Delivery tier via HTTPS services and webhooks, nor thatContinue reading “SaaS Headless CMS Vendor and Customer Responsibilities”