Types of Data in a Content Management System

This blog post contains information about different types of data used in content management systems. If you know of additional types of data or have relevant perspectives to share, please comment on this blog post. In general, content refers to the text and binary media managed by CMS users. The main purpose of the CMSContinue reading “Types of Data in a Content Management System”

Troubleshooting the Contentstack SaaS Headless CMS

This blog post contains guidance for troubleshooting potential issues with the Contentstack SaaS headless content management system. There are many different kinds and causes of potential issues; not all these suggestions apply in every case. Some of this guidance may apply to troubleshooting any system, but especially service-oriented applications on SaaS. If you have additionalContinue reading “Troubleshooting the Contentstack SaaS Headless CMS”

Avoiding Direct Headless CMS Service Access

TThis blog post describes techniques to avoid tighter coupling introduced by calling service-oriented application APIs directly, such as those exposed by headless content management systems (CMS). If you have suggestions for further insulating systems, please comment on this blog post. Service-oriented architectures including headless CMS intend to loosen coupling between systems. Using HTTPS APIs ratherContinue reading “Avoiding Direct Headless CMS Service Access”

Differentiating Headless CMS Products

The headless CMS software space is crowded with competitors, which can make it difficult for prospective customers to evaluate available offerings. This blog post presents some criteria that can help to differentiate headless CMS products. If you have additional significant factors by which to evaluate headless CMS products, please comment on this blog post. WhenContinue reading “Differentiating Headless CMS Products”

Approaching SaaS Headless CMS Projects

This blog post lists some questions to start conversations while evaluating architectural requirements for SaaS headless content management projects, which typically include one or more websites. This post is not specific to any individual CMS and much of it could apply to any modern connected system, but I work for Contentstack and so emphasize relevantContinue reading “Approaching SaaS Headless CMS Projects”

Data Access Points in the Contentstack SaaS Headless CMS

This blog post contains information about techniques that you can use to access data in the Contentstack SaaS headless CMS. First, the Content Management API and Webhooks sections describe facilities not intended for content delivery environments. The remaining sections describe Contentstack content delivery services, also called APIs. Content Management API The content management API isContinue reading “Data Access Points in the Contentstack SaaS Headless CMS”

Language Fallback with Headless CMS

This blog posts presents some considerations for implementing language fallback with headless content management systems. Language fallback refers to using field values from an alternate language version of an entry when a specific language version does not contain values for those fields or using an alternate language version of an entry when there is noContinue reading “Language Fallback with Headless CMS”

CMS Content Migration Opportunities and Concerns

In preparing for a meeting to discuss architecture for migrating data from one CMS to another, I realize that I have written a few things about data migration, but that I need a short list of potential opportunities and concerns. If you have anything to add, please comment on this blog post. ROI: Customers tendContinue reading “CMS Content Migration Opportunities and Concerns”

Comparing Rust and C#

This blog post contains perspectives on similarities and differences between the rust programming language and the C# programming language for .NET. This post focusses on command line and background processes and does not consider native user interface technologies for Windows or Linux, although for now at least, C# is almost certainly more appropriate for WindowsContinue reading “Comparing Rust and C#”

Let Bloggers Know What Brings You to Their Posts!

I have been blogging for probably about a decade. I speculate that most bloggers spend a significant amount of effort writing relative to the amount of feedback that they receive. I could try to blame copying, caching, reductions in client-side tracking, but in addition to not getting many comments, my blogs do not even recordContinue reading “Let Bloggers Know What Brings You to Their Posts!”