How to Search This WordPress Blog

I don’t know why there is no search box, but I have discovered that I can use the “s” query string parameter to search this blog hosted by WordPress, which is handy because I haven’t figured out how to add a list of all the posts. For example, to search for paging: Update: IContinue reading “How to Search This WordPress Blog”

Calling All .NET Core Architects and C# Developers…Refactor Unhappy Code for Free!

I am not an architect or a developer, but I wrote more C# code to abstract CMS repositories than I can describe in sufficient detail on this blog, including a pretty comprehensive provider for Contentstack and with the roots of provider implementations for Contentful and Kentico. I have more notes than I can blog atContinue reading “Calling All .NET Core Architects and C# Developers…Refactor Unhappy Code for Free!”

Contentstack Entry Model Base Class

The following base class for Entry Model classes can expose all the values that I could find that can appear in any Contentstack Entry that appeared as if they could be useful, even if Contentstack does not expose those values as Fields in the CMS UI (those values are more like…properties, which is basically theContinue reading “Contentstack Entry Model Base Class”

Contentstack Modular Blocks Models Example

I want to have a type of page (maybe like a blog, but much more controlled and strongly typed) that lets me add a bunch of different kinds (blocks) of content, where each of those things lets me specify which partial view to render their data. I could use any rendering technology; I just wantContinue reading “Contentstack Modular Blocks Models Example”

Group Field (and Contenstack Global Field) Models

This blog post explains how you can model Group FIelds in Entry Model classes as Group Model Classes that are just like Block Model Classes for Modular Blocks, but without all the JsonConverters. You can use the same technique to model Contentstack Global Fields, which are basically reusable Field Groups. I do not meanContinue reading “Group Field (and Contenstack Global Field) Models”

Generic Base Class with JsonConverter for Contentstack Block Model Classes

This is one of those cases where I left a bunch of leather and nails on my desk before bed and woke up to find crumbs on the keyboard and a working prototype (cobbled together, no doubt) that I can barely read, let alone understand, but seems to work. My fingers thank C# generics andContinue reading “Generic Base Class with JsonConverter for Contentstack Block Model Classes”

Entry Model structs for Markup Fields

I use the following two prototype structs in Entry Model Classes ( to represent Field Values from Entries where those values may contain markup or markdown. These classes use HtmlString properties to expose values without the need for method calls such as @Html.Raw() to prevent ASP.NET MVC from encoding HTML that should not be encoded.Continue reading “Entry Model structs for Markup Fields”

Mapping Field Types to .NET Types in Headless CMS

This blog post is my attempt to maintain a list of the Field Types available in various headless CMS and the .NET types that I would try to use to model those fields in Entry Model classes ( This is relevant when defining Entry Model classes ( based on a content model ( You canContinue reading “Mapping Field Types to .NET Types in Headless CMS”

.NET Repository Pattern for Headless (CMS)

In a previous blog post ( I mentioned that I’m using a repository class to abstract access to the CMS, in my case Contentstack (though I have developed partial prototypes for Contentful, Kentico, and elastic). What I mean by a repository is just an abstraction layer on top of the CMS or other system. AContinue reading “.NET Repository Pattern for Headless (CMS)”