.NET Core Console Apps for Headless CMS

You can use the following procedures in Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019 (https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/community/) to create .NET Core Console Apps with the SDKs for the Contentful, Contentstack, and Kentico Kontent headless Content Management Systems (CMS). To create a console app in Visual Studio: Click the File menu, then click New, and then click Project. The CreateContinue reading “.NET Core Console Apps for Headless CMS”

.NET Core Headless CMS Entry Models and Entry Model Classes

An object that represents an Entry is an Entry Model. A class used for Entry Models is an Entry Model class. You can implement an Entry Model class for each of your Content Types. You may choose to implement a class hierarchy for Entry Models based on any inheritance hierarchy apparent in your Content Types.Continue reading “.NET Core Headless CMS Entry Models and Entry Model Classes”

Using LINQPad to Access Headless CMS

You can use LINQPad (https://www.linqpad.net/) to access headless Content Management Systems with C# code. LINQPad provides convenient visualizers for JSON and images. You can use LINQPad for scripting, and both visualized and raw access the JSON can be useful when implementing Entry Model classes (see https://deliverystack.wordpress.com/2020/07/20/net-core-headless-cms-entry-models-and-entry-model-classes/), diagnosing issues, and otherwise. The code in the followingContinue reading “Using LINQPad to Access Headless CMS”

Resources about Headless CMS [and Commerce] [and Microservice Architectures] [with .NET Core]

I intend to use this blog post to maintain a list of links to blogs and blog posts about headless CMS, especially headless CMS with .NET Core. Below is what I have run across up to now. https://robertlinde.se https://www.hanselman.com/blog/HeadlessCMSAndDecoupledCMSInNETCore.aspx https://dottutorials.net/top-open-source-asp-net-core-cms/ https://www.programmableweb.com/company/contentstack https://www.programmableweb.com/company/contentful http://deliverystack.net?y! If you know of any great blogs about headless CMS or anyContinue reading “Resources about Headless CMS [and Commerce] [and Microservice Architectures] [with .NET Core]”

How Does .NET Core Work with Headless CMS?

I am still in the experimental stage of my evaluation of both (SaaS) headless CMS and headless CMS with .NET Core. I think that Headless CMS should have minimal impact on .NET Core content delivery implementations. I also think that we’re doing all headless Content Management implementations wrong from an architectural perspective. I intend toContinue reading “How Does .NET Core Work with Headless CMS?”

What Is SaaS Headless CMS?

With SaaS headless CMS, the vendor provides a hosted environment for content management. According to the metaphor, this content management environment is the body. Using webhooks to signal events, a headless CMS provides RESTful APIs and typically a browser-based UI with which to manage Content Types and Entries (sometimes called Items). Each Content Type isContinue reading “What Is SaaS Headless CMS?”

Deliverystack Author: John West (commodore73)

I have been playing with computers since I gained access to a Commodore VIC-20 in the mid-1980s. In the late 1990s, using mainly Solaris, Oracle, and C++, I implemented systems that automated diverse business processes responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions annually. In 2000 I started consulting with the (now defunct) InterwovenContinue reading “Deliverystack Author: John West (commodore73)”

Introducing Deliverystack.net

I intend to use this blog (http://deliverystack.net) to describe my experiences using .NET Core and ASP.NET Core with SaaS headless Content Management Systems (CMS). I hope to present an unbiased assessment of the products specifically from the perspective of a .NET developer and to a lesser extent in the general context of CMS and webContinue reading “Introducing Deliverystack.net”