What Is SaaS Headless CMS?

With SaaS headless CMS, the vendor provides a hosted environment for content management. According to the metaphor, this content management environment is the body. Using webhooks to signal events, a headless CMS provides RESTful APIs and typically a browser-based UI with which to manage Content Types and Entries (sometimes called Items). Each Content Type isContinue reading “What Is SaaS Headless CMS?”

Deliverystack Author: John West (commodore73)

I have been playing with computers since I gained access to a Commodore VIC-20 in the mid-1980s. In the late 1990s, using mainly Solaris, Oracle, and C++, I implemented systems that automated diverse business processes responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions annually. In 2000 I started consulting with the (now defunct) InterwovenContinue reading “Deliverystack Author: John West (commodore73)”

Introducing Deliverystack.net

I intend to use this blog (http://deliverystack.net) to describe my experiences using .NET Core and ASP.NET Core with SaaS headless Content Management Systems (CMS). I hope to present an unbiased assessment of the products specifically from the perspective of a .NET developer and to a lesser extent in the general context of CMS and webContinue reading “Introducing Deliverystack.net”