Information about Hosting Ukrainians in the United States

This blog post contains information for Ukrainians that intend to relocate to the USA and Americans interested in hosting Ukrainians. I have identified a candidate for some space available in my home, but I have not completed this process, so I apologize for anything that is misleading or incorrect.

Americans can initiate sponsorship of Ukrainians by submitting USCIS form I-384:

There are instructions here:

The Ukrainian must supply the American with information for the first 3.5 pages of the 13-page form.

You can create an account and submit this form electronically, which describes requirements, helps to guide you through the process, and may be faster than submitting paper:

The form must be filed in the USA by the American and must include evidence of ability to provide financial support for the Ukrainian for the duration of their stay.

I assume that the American must submit a copy of this form for each Ukrainian individual, including each child. I do not know whether the children must have passports or other documentation.

Americans and Ukrainians can use the following resources to connect by offering housing and responding to such offers:

I do not like Meta/Facebook/WhatsApp, but it is useful for communications and includes translation features. The Ukrainians with whom I interact tend to speak English but google translate and similar tools may sometimes be useful.

Below are links that I received from a Ukrainian near Olympia in Washington State assisting refugees.

“Support Ukraine, a small nonprofit in Olympia organized by a resident originally from Kyev”

“Community center that does a lot of work with the refuges:”

The Lucky Pen | Home

“Portland group that welcomes English speaking helpers:”

“I wanted to share this newer site that appears working for connecting with families looking to host or needing housing: “

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