Lobby USA Representatives for Expedited Ukrainian Immigration

One of the tragedies of the illegal Russian invasion and war in Ukraine is that, though the people of the USA make countless generous housing offers, Ukrainians may now find it almost impossible to be admitted to the country. As an American, if you want to provide a home for a Ukrainian family in the USA, or even if you cannot provide shelter, one of the most valuable things that you can very easily do for Ukraine with just a moment of your time would be to contact your elected representatives, specifically to support the urgent expedition of immigration for any Ukrainians (and get others that you know to do the same).


Update 24.March.2022: I am waiting to see the details before updating my templates: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/us-to-welcome-up-to-100000-ukrainians-fleeing-russian-invasion/ar-AAVs2XU?li=BBnb7Kz

You can use the templates below for your messages. See also: 

That resource also lists numerous additional ways that you can assist in Ukraine. Here are some specifics: 

  • If you have medical, military, logistical, humanitarian, or other relevant skills in critical need, you can go to Ukraine or one of its bordering countries. 
  • You can use Ukranian terminology and spelling, especially Ukraine (the nation) as opposed to “the Ukraine” (not a nation) and Kyiv (Ukrainian) instead of Kiev (legacy). 
  • You can donate resources (especially funds) to any number of organizations. When possible, look for donors that will match your contributions, but beware of organizations that are large, slow, and inefficient, especially those that may have Russian influences. When I cannot find matching opportunities, I prefer to donate directly to individuals.  
  • You can support Ukraine on social media and otherwise simply by sharing information, media, links, and perspectives, even just adding a Ukrainian flag to your profiles. Share the link to this post! https://deliverystack.net/2022/03/21/lobby-usa-representatives-for-expedited-ukrainian-immigration/
  • You can avoid all interactions and business with Russia and Russians other than to provide your perspective on the situation. 
  • You can translate from Ukranian and Russian to English. For example, when you see a social media post in a regional language, you can use translate.google.com to translate it to English, improve the translation, and write the translation back in quotes as a comment to the original post. See https://www.2en4ua.org/ or write to contact@2en4ua.org. 
  • If you can offer housing, it may be worth trying: https://prykhystok.in.ua/
  • Interact with and support Ukrainians directly.

To contact your representatives, go to https://democracy.io and enter your address. You can also use these links: 

You can even call the White House! 

  • 202-456-1111

Below is a template that you can use to write to your senators and representative, followed by another template that you can use to write to your friends and family. 

Subject: Expedite Immigration for Ukrainians

Honorable [Senator|Representative] <NAME>

Since February of 2022, millions of people, especially women and children, have been displaced by unthinkable violence in Ukraine. Compounding the humanitarian tragedy is the refusal of this proud and wealthy country to allow victims of this abominable conflict to enter its boundaries.  

Ukraine is defending the west from an inhuman monster. Europe is supporting millions of Ukrainian refugees. Of the civilized countries, the United States government stands out for its lack of humanitarian commitment, while the people of the United States clearly want to help in every way possible. To confirm, enter a few zip codes into this site to see the tragedy of the generosity of your constituents being unable to help Ukrainians directly. 

The people of the United States want to help Ukrainians resist and recover from the inhuman actions of Putin’s Russia in Ukraine. The aggressor is committing war crimes against homes, schools, hospitals, and even refugee convoys. The United States has been a significant party to this conflict and must share its load of the humanitarian responsibility. Encouraging Ukrainians to leave the war zone for life in the USA will save lives. 

Sanctions and military support are not enough. The people of this proud, strong, generous country can help the people of Ukraine individually and directly. 

Please take this message seriously and work to relax and optimize the USA immigration process for Ukrainian refugees. 






Subject: Contact Your Reps about the Tragedy in Ukraine 

Hello <NAME>

It’s extremely important to me that the USA help to provide refuge for Ukrainians displaced by the current conflict in their country. Please follow the guidance in this post to contact your representatives. A moment of your assistance could have an incredible positive impact on thousands of shattered lives.


Thanks & regards, 


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