Cool Tools for [Contentstack] [SaaS] [Headless] [CMS] [.NET] Developers

This blog post lists tools that can improve productivity for developers, especially those working with .NET and headless content management systems.

I have not used these for some time and do not remember exactly what each does, but if they still work, then they each have some useful features:

  • Microsoft StyleCop: Visual Studio code quality plug-in.
  • StyleCop for Resharper: Merged into StyleCop.
  • Agent Smith: Visual Studio code quality plug-in.
  • Agent Johnson: Visual Studio code quality plug-in (possibly only relevant to Sitecore developers).
  • Agents Mulder and Scully: Also exist, never investigated.
  • SouceTree/Tortoise SVN/GIT: For source code management.
  • HttpWatch/Fiddler/Wireshark: For diagnosing network and HTTP issues.

This blog post is partially an update of the following, each of which has comments that may be relevant:

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