Advantages of Event Systems with Headless Content Management Systems

This blog post lists some potential advantages in leveraging event systems with headless content management systems and potentially any system that uses microservice architecture.

Event systems pass messages between applications. Headless CMS uses webhooks to pass messages to applications. To integrate an event system with headless CMS, implement an HTTPS listener that generates events from webhook payloads. Applications can subscribe directly to the event system. If you need SaaS applications to subscribe to events, you can implement something that subscribes on behalf of the application and calls its APIs accordingly.

Here are some potential advantages to using an event system with a headless content management system or potentially anything that uses HTTPS service endpoints and webhooks:

  • Event systems allow sequential process flow. Applications cannot control the flow of inbound webhooks and do not necessarily receive webhooks in chronological sequence. Publishing webhook payloads to an event system allows subscribers to process events in their chronological sequence.
  • Event systems facilitate transactional architectures where webhooks and HTTPS service APIs are atomic. Event systems can facilitate multiple operations on one or more entries as a single transaction, which can assist in search index and cache management. Applications can control the flow of data from event systems to update indexes, clear caches, and otherwise.
  • Adding event subscribers is generally more straightforward than configuring additional webhooks and webhook listeners or adding logic to existing webhook listeners.
  • Event system architectures support instrumentation and diagnostics to assist in testing and troubleshooting.
  • Event systems allow replay that can assist in testing and troubleshooting.

These are only those benefits that I see specific to headless content management; event systems provide other benefits such as abstracting systems from each other and supporting platforms that do not use service architectures.

It is possible to address these concerns without an event system but using an event system could greatly simplify implementation while improving performance.

If you have any suggestions for how event systems can impact headless content management implementations, please comment on this blog post.

For additional information about event systems with headless CMS, see:

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