Access Contentstack Entry Workflow Information

This blog post explains how to include workflow information when you retrieve entries from the Contentstack SaaS headless content management system.

Default JSON representations of Contentstack entries, including those sent to webhooks, do not include workflow details. To access workflow details, set the include_workflow query string parameter to true when you retrieve the entry. The response will include additional elements such as the following, where the name property indicates the workflow state associated with the entry.

"_workflow": {
  "uid": "bltb7970cc88b1d1e47",
  "updated_at": "2021-04-02T00:21:35.506Z",
  "updated_by": "bltf659c3e814f4dce6",
  "version": 468,
  "assigned_to": [],
  "assigned_by_roles": [],
  "name": "editorial",
  "color": "#2196f3"

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