SHCDAS: Content Management and Content Delivery

This blog post is part of the SaaS Headless Content Delivery Architectures Series (SHCDAS).

Content Management systems separate content from presentation and logic to allow non-technical CMS users to control content available to content delivery systems such as web sites and to to allow re-use of content between multiple pages on any number of web sites and other channels while developers control applications and significant aspects of site presentation.

Content management systems provide two main facilities: content management and content delivery.

Content management refers to facilities for creating, locking, updating, versioning, reverting, translating, publishing, and otherwise managing content. CMS users content management systems to maintain digital content used by websites and other delivery channels for an organization accessed by visitors. Content management systems support channels such as websites, mobile apps, vendor-specific kiosks, print, and otherwise. Most CMS customers consider websites as the primary channel for content delivery and experience management. Experience management refers to visitor profiling, content testing and optimization, and other features to create unique, individualized visitor experiences.

Content delivery refers to facilities for delivering content from the content management system to any number of delivery channels. Visitors on the Internet access content delivery channels such as websites and mobile apps. Different delivery targets use different platform, code, build, vendor, customer, and release management technologies and processes.

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