SHCDAS: SaaS Headless Content Delivery Architectures Blog Post Series Index

The move to headless content management systems (CMS) is part of a necessary paradigm shift towards web applications composed from multiple SaaS providers using MACH architectures (Microservice-implemented, API-first, cloud-native, headless). SaaS and headless provide support agile development environments by allowing composition of applications from services using appropriate technologies and hosting platforms at each layer of each service, providing for maintainable and scalable solutions and well-suited for current web technologies such as Jamstack.

The transition to SaaS and headless presents challenges and opportunities, especially for web and CMS solution architects experienced with more traditional approaches to content management. Aiming to assist system architects with any level of experience understand some of the the implications of headless CMS, this series of blog posts provides background on how web browsers work with web servers and application servers, overviews of traditional and headless content management systems facilities and architectures, and explanations of potential content delivery architectures.

Web developers and engineers implementing CMS solutions should read the following posts in sequence when selecting and implementing CMS platforms.

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