Jamstack and Alternative Architectures for Headless CMS with ASP.NET Core

Last week (18.Jan.2021) I conducted a webinar hosted by my friends at Konabos Consulting about Jamstack and alternative architectures for headless CMS with ASP.NET. I talked about the headless CMS metaphor and terminology and getting webhooks through firewalls before conducting a short technical demonstration of a proof of concept using the Contentstack SaaS headless CMS with Algolia search and ngrok. Then I described what I call the RANstack (REST, Any programming language, and Notation), which I see as the foundation of the JAMstack (JavaScript, [REST] APIs, and Markup). I mentioned some of the advantages and implications of adding an application server in the content delivery tier, including those specific to ASP.NET Core, and some of the basics of using .NET with a headless CMS. There were a few questions at the end. Interestingly, afterwards I heard that there is a trend emerging of putting application servers in the content delivery tier rather than using static files. This pendulum has been swinging back and forth since the dawn of the Internet (anyone remember CGI-BIN?).

Presentation Agenda

This page introduces the event:


You can access the video here:


I added a comment on youtube regarding some errors that I noted in the slides and in my speech.

24.June.2021: Alternative to ngrok:

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