Screen Shots of ASP.NET Core Web Server Output

Here are some screen shots that show preloading all Entries in a Stack into a repository in memory using different Stacks and configurations. Most of this output is from an Instrument class that I expose through a property of the repository itself for convenience, since any code can always access the repository to get other Entries (even in the view, the Entry Model has a Repository property).

Instrument outputs white by default, yellow for alert/debug, cyan for diagnostics (time checks), and red for exceptions (I’ve never confirmed that, just kidding). I think that all of this output should go to an ILogger, but in development, Console is a lazy way to see the output. It can affect performance (honestly, repository loads seems to happen faster with less writes to Console).

Preload small Stack into repository
Preload ~5,600 items in ~1.35 seconds

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