Calling All .NET Core Architects and C# Developers…Refactor Unhappy Code for Free!

I am not an architect or a developer, but I wrote more C# code to abstract CMS repositories than I can describe in sufficient detail on this blog, including a pretty comprehensive provider for Contentstack and with the roots of provider implementations for Contentful and Kentico. I have more notes than I can blog at any level of quality, but the notes might not match the code and the code needs work anyway.

The code is certainly full of defects, does not conform to best practices, has minimal comments and documentation, requires extensive refactoring and optimization, and is otherwise guaranteed to offend any real programmer, but might eventually belong on github (though not in the Artic vault). It is enjoyable, but I would like sparring partners to help me improve the architecture and implementation. I am doing this in my free time and looking for anyone in the community who would like to participate, even if just to learn and hopefully provide feedback, if not contribute code.

I have a complete working headless CMS repository abstraction prototype and some notes to go with it that I can make available for download, with an implementation for Contentstack and the beginnings of implementations for Contentful, Kentico, and Elastic. I have the solution running for free for now at . I think it is slow and sometimes errors out after lack of use, I hope due to Azure web app infrastructure.

I have no intention of anyone ever earning any money from this code (really there is not much too it, and nothing proprietary), but I think that it could be very useful. To contact me, please comment on this blog post or connect at

Thanks for reading!

In case this site (which is only for documentation and learning/training) goes down or I change the stack, here is what it looks like now (I have new styles, but not the skills to apply them):


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