CMS Content Modeling Considerations and Resources

Content Modeling is basically the definition of Content Types and relationships between Entries. Content Modeling should be the main part of a CMS implementation, and should begin with detailed requirements. Thoroughly evaluate content modeling features before selecting a CMS platform. Confirm basics such as support for referenced/nested Entries and custom Field Types that you can implement to provide a browser-based UI that accesses other systems and store values to Entries using JSON schema of your choice.

CMS modeling feature considerations include the following.

  • The range of available Field Types.
  • Support for repeating Values within a single Field.
  • Support for Groups of Fields.
  • Support for repeating Groups of Fields.
  • Support for nesting Fields within Fields.
  • Flexible but consistent data structures akin to Contentstack Modular Blocks (
  • Data modeling component reusability (reusable Field definitions, Content Type inheritance, and so forth)
  • Support for hierarchies of Fields within Content Types.
  • Support for hierarchical relationships between Entries.
  • Support for validating references between Entries.
  • Minimal use of vendor-specific data formats.
  • Support for validating Field values including relationships between Fields.
  • RESTful API support for serialization/deserialization of Content Type definitions, Entries, Assets, and any other data to JSON files for import/export between systems.

Choosing to use .NET Core for content delivery should have little, if any, impact on content modeling.

Some resources on content modeling:

If you know of additional CMS content modeling considerations or resources, please comment on this blog post and I will update these lists accordingly.

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