I intend to use this blog ( to describe my experiences using .NET Core and ASP.NET Core with SaaS headless Content Management Systems (CMS). I hope to present an unbiased assessment of the products specifically from the perspective of a .NET developer and to a lesser extent in the general context of CMS and web CMS, primarily focussed on Content Delivery.

From the outset I intend to focus on the following systems:

While the volume can be a little overwhelming, the technical information can be light, and the sales slant can be steep, you can parse some useful information about SaaS headless CMS from various materials available from the vendors.

CMS Selection Resources:

I will try to update existing blog posts when I can. I always recommend reading an comments, which often point out defects and alternatives. Coding on a blog is like wearing underwear in public: both items are not meant to be exposed and deteriorate with age.

I recommend that you focus especially on the most important aspect of CMS: content modeling.

If you think that I should consider additional vendors or have any other feedback or suggestions, please comment on this blog post.

Looking forward!

John West

P.S. I have not taken the time to configure navigation in WordPress; I’m just dumping content here. I recommend that you start from the first/front/home page at and use the links in the footer to navigate forwards through the posts.

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